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Coaching at St. Eugene's


We are sincerely appreciative of each adult that is willing to devote their time and effort to support CYO in teaching and guiding these players.

Being a coach is very important, and will require adults to not only give their time, but to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. This will include their interactions with the players and their parents, opposing teams and families, officials, etc.

If you may be interested in coaching but have some additional questions, please contact the Commissioner of your player's age group, located on our Contact Us page.


After registering your player, sign up at this website on the Coach Registration portal. Fill out the form using your given, legal name (this will be used to match information such as fingerprints).

Please note that filling out a registration form does not guarantee a coaching position. We will consider each registration, and we will ultimately determine who will be coaching at each level.

Assessments and Division Levels

Coaching candidates are required to attend Skill Assessments to help evaluate the players in the grade that the adult wishes to coach. It is at or after these assessments that final determinations will be made as to the playing level of the players, and therefore the appropriate level for their parent coaches.

Head coaches and Assistant coaches are not connected until after Skill Assessments (with the possible exception of 3rd grade).

Coaches Meeting - TBD

The date for the coach meeting will be posted here when it is established.  Please register to coach and complete the training online if you are interested in coaching.

Coaches Clinics

Watch for the latest information on coaches clinics.


Compliance; New this year: We are covering the cost of fingerprinting. Please see below.

New Coach/Parent Registration Procedure

  1. Register with CYO
    1. Go to this web site cmgconnect.org
    2. Select “Santa Rosa” as the diocese.
    3. Create an account.
    4. Sign up at this website as a coach
  2. Online Training
    After completing the registration, you will prompted with two training courses:

    1. Go to the cmgconnect.org website.
    2. Use the “Sign In” link and log in
    3. Select the Safe Haven 21017 training module.
    4. Take the training.
    5. Code of Conduct should follow after the Safe Env module.
  3. Get Fingerprinted
    1. Fill out the Live Scan request form

http://srdiocese.org/sites/default/files/files/Safe%20Environment/Parish- School%20Volunteer%2C%20Request%20for%20Live%20Scan%20Service.pdf

  1. Contact TruScan to make an appointment., 2324 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. (707)566-7226.  St Eugenes is covering the cost of fingerprinting this year.